Rubber Versus Paper Stall Flooring

Paper floor coverings in horse stalls have been around for a long time. However, there are alternatives available, most notable of which is rubber stall flooring. Not only is rubber flooring easier to maintain, but it provides a comfortable surface for horses, reducing the amount of stress on your horse’s legs, back, and muscles while standing.

Rubber Versus Paper Stall Flooring for Kennels and Horse Stalls - information provided by Allied Products LLC

Odor Considerations

Paper kennel flooring is cheap and disposable. However, there are some downsides. Even water-resistant paper products do little to help with odors and staining. Although they can provide a degree of protection, it is important for horse owners to consider the impact even temporary odors have on the animals.

In barns where various animals are kept, the smells of other animals' urine can cause stress for animals nearby. Rubber stall flooring can minimize these problems since properly prepared mats can keep smells from getting absorbed or leaking through to the existing floor.

Sanitation Concerns

Aside from normal wear and tear, stalls are subject to bacteria and animal waste that can leave microscopic enzymes behind. It is true that paper flooring is perhaps easier to collect and dispose of than rubber floor tiles. However, it is easier for spills to make their way into the base floor or spill them in transfer. Clearly, rubber stall flooring is the better choice for horse owners that want to maintain a clean, safe and calming environment for their animals.

Replacement Options

It may seem that paper flooring's cheaper cost makes it the most economical choice. It is true that paper flooring regularly is sold in large tear-off rolls and can easily be replaced regularly. Paper disposal is easy, however, it is also very messy.

By contrast, rubber kennel flooring protects better and can last far longer. Modular styled individual rubber floor tiles are also easy to replace in the case of very bad messes.

In the case of serious damage, the entire floor does not need to be replaced, just the tile that is damaged. In this aspect as well, rubber flooring is clearly a superior option for horse stalls which want to make the most of their money over time.