Series 2000 Solo-Glide

The series 2000 Solo-Glide System offers ceiling suspended backstops with an internal height adjustment feature. With the increasing popularity of adjustable height goals, we have taken the height adjustable backboard to a whole new level. With the constant abuse an 8’ goal invites, we designed a unit that transfers the load of anyone dunking or hanging on the rim directly to the structure itself. This system can provide you with years of maintenance-free adjustment and is designed with the user in mind.

• Unique internal design is the most durable height adjuster in the industry
• Patented design eliminates problems associated with bolt on systems
• Main mast features 6-5/8” OD heavy steel tubing
• Internal telescoping ram for smooth operation
• Direct mount goal attachment on all backboards
• 8’ to 10’ height adjustment
• Height gauge for adjustments between 8’ and 10’
• 2 year warranty on most components

Options for Operation

• Electrical hand held wand (Plugs into any wall outlet)
• Remote key switch (motor and key switch hard wired to building)
• Radio controlled with transmitter (motor hard wired to building)
• TouchMate control screen (motor hard wired to building)
• Manual hand crank (removable handle)


2000-FS Forward fold, rear braced
2000-FJK Forward fold, front jackknife braced
2000-BS Rear fold, back jackknife braced
2000-RF Roll fold, back jackknife braced
2000-SF Side fold, side jackknife braced
2000-B Stationary, rear braced
2000-WB Stationary, wall braced