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Playing volleyball on a safe and well-constructed court is the dream of any talented sports player. Along with safety, having the chance to play on a regulation court with a playing net that varies in height gives even the youngest player confidence. Whether the court is being designed for competitive games or just for family fun, the volleyball court installation contractor with the expertise for the job is Allied Professionals, LLC.

Allied Product’s team of Sport Flooring experts will help make your flooring project run smoothly.

For every client, we include these services:

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What Volleyball Flooring Will Offer Comfort and Safety for the Team?

Flooring is the key to not only a sharp looking volleyball court but a playable court that is safe and easy to maintain. Allied Professionals recognize that it all starts with the volleyball court construction concept. The type of nets chosen and flooring material used will be determined by whether a multipurpose indoor court or a single-family court will be built.

With the expertise of Allied Professionals, the appropriate flooring will be chosen to complement the court needed by the team. Allied understands that high value and low maintenance are of key importance. Three main materials are typically utilized in volleyball court construction for regulation courts today:

  • Acrylic flooring for indoor courts – Offers bright team colors options constructed from acrylic interlocking tile systems which create a seamless, durable surface. During the volleyball floor construction, a custom-designed inlay of the team’s logo can be incorporated into the floor’s design. There are several acrylic floor finishes available today that offer surfaces required for a team’s competitive games.
  • Wood Flooring for indoor courts - Years ago wood flooring was the perfect flooring used for inside courts by volleyball court installation contractors but as these floors age they become harder to maintain.

Completing the Process of The Volleyball Court Construction

The final requirements for any volleyball court are the poles, nets, and markings. The supporting poles for the volleyball net can be made from treated wood, anodized aluminum, or stainless steel. For protection, it is advisable to add protective padding to the poles giving them that professional look.

There are adjustable netting systems, which can be lowered or raised to accommodate the average height of the players in a matter of minutes. Boundary lines are marked with brightly colored tape or webbing. These materials are used instead of ropes to avoid injury to the players.

Allied Professionals recognize that it all starts with an excellent volleyball court construction concept. Give Allied a call at 1-888-473-1133 for that professional touch.

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