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Volleyball Flooring

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Allied Products has the experience needed for any organization’s volleyball flooring requirements. By adhering to MFMA-PUR, ASTM, DIN and FIBA standards, Allied Products’ floors will meet any professional regulations as well providing a functional, beautiful and safe volleyball floor. Their twenty years of experience speaks for itself when it comes to fitness hardwood flooring installations.

Permanent Solutions

The permanent solutions offered are perfect for resilient, uniform reactive surfaces required for volleyball and other sports. From basic, two-layer solutions up to multi-facetted flexible material installations, Allied Products can provide flooring for all budget types that look and play great. Logos, striping and regulation layouts are also provided.

Portable and Removable Solutions

The portable A3 system is designed to be taken on the road. It can be installed and uninstalled easily and is lightweight, using foam components for the underlying layer. Its easy pre-fit mounting makes it simple to reassemble quickly. The wood flex system is also removable and is designed for doing yoga and other activities that require softer flooring.

Sustainable Solutions

All solutions are eco-friendly and most contain a pre-finished surface to avoid bacteria growth, making Allied Products floors the hygienic choice as well. The volleyball flooring solutions are made to endure the normal wear and tear caused by a rigorous schedule of sporting events. Allied Products clearly has the experience and dedication to quality that suite its client’s varying needs.