Indoor Running Track Surfacing

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Indoor Running Track Construction

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What Are the Benefits of Running Inside?

There are numerous reasons to exercise inside. These include stress relief and a sense of achievement. Runners who suffer from allergies run inside to minimize environmental factors that create negative health issues.

Running inside also lowers the incidence of physical injuries from broken pavement or sidewalks. Indoor running tracks offer safe workouts for runners. Let an experienced expert from Allied indoor running track contractors design the facility’s indoor track for runners.

What Is Required for An Indoor Running Track Installation?

Allied’s team of indoor running track contractors understands the requirements to build an indoor running track. From the initial design, to the final phase of laying the running surface, to professionally applying the boundary markings, Allied does it all.

The completed indoor running facility will offer the appearance of quality and safety for all who will use it. The Allied professional indoor running track construction team offers:

  • Expert site evaluation
  • Product specifications and samples
  • Competitive pricing
  • Professional installation
  • Custom boundary stripings and markings

Where Are Running Tracks Built?

Due to environmental conditions, health issues, and personal safety, there has been an increase in indoor running track installations. These tracks are usually built in multipurpose facilities such as fitness centers, gymnasiums, and field houses. Other sports activities that may also utilize these venues are:

  • Racquetball and squash
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Health Clubs

How to Choose the Right Surface for An Indoor Running Track Installation

Indoor running tracks are mainly made from man-made materials. The surfaces can withstand a lot of wear and tear while maintaining its athlete’s performance. The location, maintenance, and frequency of use of the indoor running track will determine what material the facility will need for the track’s surface. Allied’s indoor running track construction professionals can help in choosing the right material for the facility’s running track.

  • Acrylic-emulsion fortified with rubber particles designed for a soft track
  • Rubber tracks have been proven to be safest
  • Rubber flooring is ideal for multipurpose exercising facilities

The material used in an indoor running track construction offers different benefits to the runner. Rubber tracks are selected for their safety. Running tracks made with acrylic-emulsion fortified with rubber particles make softer, slower tracks. It is used mainly for training purposes because it is easier on the runner’s joints. A sandwich track is commonly used for its cost effectiveness.

The experts from the Allied Indoor Running Track Contractors team can assist in designing the facility’s track from start to finish. Contact Allied at 1-800-864-1272 to finalize the details of that new indoor track.

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