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Indoor Running Track Surfacing

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Tracks are the cornerstone of athletics and physical education. They should not only meet the performance and safety of athletes but also maintain durability. Allied provides professional indoor running track construction.

Types of Indoor Running Track Flooring

We have two popular options for indoor running tracks.

    • PolyFlex Multipurpose Sports Flooring: This flooring system consists of a prefabricated black rubber base mat, pore sealer, body coat, and topcoat. It’s solvent-free and contains a non-toxic polyurethane topcoat. It’s available in 16 colors.
    • Herculan Synthetic: This flooring uses a cushioned underlayment with a strong, polyurethane top layer. It’s solvent-free and contains a non-toxic topcoat. It is available in 14 different colors.

These floor systems are the most widely used because they provide great shock-absorbance, longevity, and durability. They are also very cost-effective, require little maintenance and use environmentally-friendly and/or recycled materials.

What Is Required for An Indoor Running Track Installation?

In short, nothing. Allied’s team of indoor running track contractors understands the requirements to build an indoor running track. From the initial design to the final phase of laying the running surface and adding markings, we do it all. Here’s what you’ll get with our professional indoor running track installation:

  • Expert site evaluation
  • Product specifications and advice
  • Competitive pricing
  • Professional installation
  • Custom boundary stripings and markings

What Type of Indoor Running Track Do I Need?

Indoor running tracks are typically made of synthetic materials like polyurethane and rubber and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Your location and frequency of use will be key factors in determining what material you’ll need for your indoor running track. Our expert flooring contractors will talk with you and help you determine which material best suits your facility’s needs.

  • Acrylic-emulsion fortified with rubber particles designed for a soft track
  • Rubber tracks have been proven to be safest
  • Rubber flooring is ideal for multipurpose exercising facilities

Indoor Running Track Maintenance

To keep your newly installed track in superb condition, it’s important to maintain it routinely. Here’s what you can do to keep your indoor running track in great shape:

  • Wait until at least 72 hours after the initial installation before performing a routine wash.
  • Vacuum any dust or debris on the surface of the track at least once per week.
  • Clean with a soft-bristled, non-abrasive floor scrub to avoid damaging your track.
  • Do not allow dust or dirt to collect on the surface of the track. Note that some high-traffic areas may require daily cleaning.
  • Wipe up any spills immediately.

Experts in Indoor Running Track Construction

The materials used in an indoor running track construction offers different benefits to the runner. Rubber tracks are selected to provide safety. Running tracks made with acrylic-emulsion fortified rubber particles make softer, slower tracks. This type of flooring commonly used for training purposes because it is easier on the joints. A sandwich track is commonly used for its cost-effectiveness. If you’re in need of an indoor running track contact Allied. We’ll design and install your running track so it will last for years to come!
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