Squash Court Construction

Design – Materials – Installation

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Squash Court Construction

racquetball court construction and squash court construction by Allied Products LLC

Tru-Maple Cush
Typical court floor system –
solid maple over padded sleeper underlayment

We Ship to USA & Canada


Whether it is a complete court system supplied and full squash court installation or just selected materials to meet your project requirements we ship anywhere in the country.

With our expertise and available CAD and PDF court construction drawings, we can help you design your court system(s) for any indoor application. With over 18 years experience and involvement in hundreds of squash court installations throughout the world we are well qualified to work with you towards the successful completion of your project.

Our “turn-key” squash court installation system includes:

  • Light gauge steel framing for the walls and ceiling
  • High impact wall and ceiling panels
  • Solid core flush mounted door system
  • Maple floor system with padded sleeper underlayment
  • Impact resistant light fixtures
  • Wallyball kit
  • Goody Box
  • Optional glass door or glass walls

squash court allied products racquetball

Squash Court Wall & Ceiling Panels

squash court panels racquetball allied products

High Impact wall and ceiling panels are the most important component of the court system. Our 4' x 8' tongue and groove (T&G) wall and ceiling panels incorporate a high density particle board core sandwiched between two layers of plastic laminate. These features result in a very dense, extremely tough surface designed to withstand the rigors of professional play and comply with USA Squash Federation specifications. In fact they are so tough they are actually used in other applications such as lining gymnasium walls and jail holding cells.

Squash Court Framing

racquetball squash allied products

• Steel galvanized furring strips
• 3-5/8" x 16 gauge steel studs
• 6" x 18 gauge steel studs
• 6" x 16 gauge ceiling joists
(your wood framing can also be used

Squash Court Lights

In Keeping up with technology, Allied Products offers exclusively LED court lights for new construction and retrofit.
LED Raquetball and Sqash Court Lights

  • 100,000 hour rated life
  • Lumen packages for recreational to pro/competition levels
  • Sizes:
    1 x 4 (14.5" x 48")
    2 x 2 (24" x 24")
    2 x 4 (24" x 48")

Retrofit old fixtures with ultra-energy
efficient LED fixtures


Typical Squash Court Configuration

squash court configuration

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