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Dog Kennel & Horse Stall Flooring

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Dog Daycare & Horse Stable Flooring

Allied Products, LLC is a leader in the rubber flooring industry. We offer high-quality rubber flooring for dog daycare, high-quality rubber horse mats, and interlocking horse mats for stalls and trailers. Our durable rubber flooring options are also eco-friendly, manufactured in the United States, and available in multiple colors!

Dog Daycare Flooring

Our rolled rubber flooring can be used throughout a kennel or dog daycare, and can be used both indoors and outdoors! Our rubber flooring is incredibly durable, offers cushion for dogs’ paws, is very easy to clean, reduces sound, and provides a sturdy, non-slip surface for employees. Our dog daycare flooring system consists of:

  • Rolled rubber for the comfort of dogs and humans alike. Sturdy, non-slip, and cushioned!
  • Adhesive or pressure-sensitive double-sided tape with Sikaflex 227 seam sealer.
  • CleanBreak rubber floor sealant.

By sealing the rubber flooring completely, we can keep bacteria, fungus, and viruses out, making the floor much easier to clean and sanitize. Concrete floors, besides for being uncomfortable, can harbor bacteria due to its porous nature. Rubber mats eliminate harmful hidden bacteria and viruses, make cleaning easier and more efficient, and provide an excellent, supportive surface for dogs. Call today for a quote on your upcoming rubber flooring project!

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Kennel & Equestrian Flooring Products

Rubber Stall Mats

Rubber flooring for horse stalls is a popular option for horse stalls. Our rubber flooring for horse stalls is incredibly durable, is very easy to clean, and provides a sturdy, non-slip surface for both horses and their human caretakers. Rubber horse mats are a soft and durable addition to dirt, clay or concrete floors. Easy to install, rubber flooring allows maximum support and traction, and can reduce the amount of stress on a horse’s legs, back, and muscles.Dirt floors are difficult to manage and keep clean, and “problem areas” are a constant nuisance. Rubber flooring eliminates the need to dig out wet spots, reducing cleaning time and stress on a horse. A small amount of bedding used in conjunction with the mats absorb the wet spots on top of the mat, allowing you to clean nearly 100% of waste and odor.

Concrete floors are easy to clean, but are uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time, even for humans. Large amounts of bedding are required to offer the cushioning support needed for the horse. Rubber horse mats reduces the amount of bedding needed, providing all the cushioning a horse needs. Daily maintenance costs can be reduced by 50%, saving time and money! Rubber horse flooring is more popular than ever, and it’s easy to see why: you can reduce cost, cleaning time, and stress! Call today for a quote on your upcoming rubber flooring project!

Equi-Lock Interlocking Horse Stall Mats

We have an additional option for horse stall rubber flooring: Equi-Lock. These rubber horse mats are constructed of 100% premium recycled rubber. They provide a tight fit, quick delivery, easy installation, and a visually attractive floor system. Interlocking rubber horse mats are easily installed over a concrete, dirt, or clay floor. The rubber tiles lock very snugly to create a solid rubber floor mat. And best of all: if part of the mat gets damaged, those tiles can be easily replaced with new ones, without having to redo the entire rubber floor!

Providing All of Your Rubber Flooring Needs

Rubber flooring can make a world of difference for your dog kennel, daycare, horse stalls, or horse trailers. The durable rubber flooring options at Allied Products, LLC are the best way to make sure your floors are clean and comfortable, throughout your indoor and outdoor spaces. Contact us today for a quote on your upcoming rubber flooring project!