Dog Daycare Flooring


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As low as $1.15 per sq. ft.

Allied Products, LLC is a leader in the doggy daycare flooring industry with the highest quality products, including solutions for dog pet hotels, indoor and outdoor kennels and many more. Contact us today to receive a quote on your upcoming canine flooring project.

10% color flec  lue*, gray*, blue/gray*, red*, green*, mocha mix*, purple, yellow, red/gray, earth, gold, teal, orange, and tan, confetti 
 20% color flec blue*, gray*, blue/gray*, red*, green*, mocha mix*, whey, brown bomber, sunkist, midas touch, whirlwind white, midnight, brick n mortar, carnival, desert storm, electrolyte, extreme, serene, glacier, in the zone, margarita, Miami muscle, nerves of steel, patriot, planet hollywood, sea & sand, trailblazer, trophy, vision quest
 30-40% color flec vikings, cardinals, blue jays, lions, tigers, gators, raiders, wild cats, purple haze, blue devil, wizard green, red devil, stormy night, tenacious tan, and gray ghost
85-95% color flec  bronco, bumblebee, celebration, del sol, high dive, mardi gras, smash, surfs up, steel, mocha, dark gray, grizzly brown, avalanche gray, and thunder gray.

Product Description

Kennel Flooring Features

Rubber dog daycare flooring provides a durable, resilient surface for dog play, agility training or competition while allowing easy cleanup for accidents. Using rubber flooring for dog agility courses gives added traction, joint protection and shock absorption for the dogs (and trainers!) while running and jumping.

  • Rolled Rubber – for comfort, durability & sound reduction.
  • Double sided tape or polyurethane adhesive Floor Sealer – helps seal the pours of the rubber
  • Optional Sikafex Seam Sealant Adhesive when using double sided tape- can act as a bonding agent to seal flooring

Please contact us for volume discounts.

 Color  Price per sq. ft.
(starting at)
1/4″ thick rolled rubber
Natural Black $1.25
Black $1.50
10% Color Flec $1.61
20% Color Flec $1.82
Confetti $1.21
5/16″ thick rolled rubber
Black $1.89
10% Color Flec $1.95
20% Color Flec $2.32
Confetti $1.47
3/8″ thick rolled rubber
Black $1.89
10% Color Flec $2.15
20% Color Flec $2.69
Confetti $1.61
1/2″ thick rolled rubber
Black $2.56
10% Color Flec $2.79
20% Color Flec $3.48
Confetti $2.09
 Color  Price per sq. ft.
5/16″ thick rolled rubber in 30 – 40% color flec – Vikings, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Lions, Tigers, Gators, Raiders, Wild Cats $2.83
3/8″ thick rolled rubber in 20% Brown Bomber, Sunkist, Midas Touch, Whirlwind White, and Midnight $2.79
3/8″ thick rolled rubber in 35% Purple Haze, Blue Devil, Wizard Green, Red Devil, Stormy Night, Gray Ghost, & Tenacious Tan $3.47