Tile-Flex Wood Snap Together Modular Flooring

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Tile-Flex Wood Modular Tile Flooring


As low as $5.63 per sq. ft.

Tile-Flex Wood is a durable, snap together, modular flooring for a wide variety of athletic or residential flooring solutions. This wood grain vinyl tile flooring never needs refinishing, plus it is low maintenance and easy to clean. Tile-Flex Wood also provides a cushioned surface that absorbs shock to reduce stress on joints and help fight fatigue, and is available in a parquet pattern that can be used to mix and match or create a distinctive look of its own.

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Tile-Flex Wood Snap Together Modular Flooring Applications

  • Gymnasiums
  • Basketball courts
  • Volleyball courts
  • Multi-purpose areas
  • Aerobics areas
  • Exercise rooms
  • Dance floors
  • Jazzercise® programs
  • Spin rooms
  • Fitness areas
  • Pilates areas

Tile-Flex Wood Snap Together Modular Flooring Features

  • Cushioned surface helps prevent injury and fatigue
  • Construction materials are extremely durable, assuring long life
  • Never needs refinishing
  • Modular design provides portability
  • Edges are protected from damage
  • No special tools or adhesives required; can be self installed
  • Easy assembly and access to base for repairs
  • Low maintenance; easy to clean

This woodgrain vinyl tile never needs refinishing, plus it is low maintenance and easy to clean.
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Specs Metrics
Tile thickness: ½”
Tile dimensions: 12-1/8” x 12-1/8”
Tile weight: 1.63 lbs per tile
Sizes Prices
Dimensions Sq. Ft. Per Piece Per Sq. Ft.
1/2″ x 12 1/8″ x 12 1/8″ 1 sq. ft. $5.63 $5.63