Rubber Flooring

Browse our wide selection of rubber floor mats and rubber flooring solutions. Our variety of tiles can be used in commercial or residential applications, and for indoor or outdoor uses as well.

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  • Color-Tek Rolled Rubber Flooring

    Color-Tec Rolled Rubber Flooring

    As Low as $2.07 per sq. ft.
    As Low as $414.00 per Roll

    Color-Tec Rolled Rubber flooring offers superior durability for your multi-purpose flooring needs. The designer colors are made with 95% colored EPDM rubber. It is ideal for surfacing areas that require high color along with resilience, sound absorption and traction. Our Rolled Rubber flooring is available in a variety of colors and thicknesses to accommodate your specific needs.

    Minimum order: 200 square feet

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