Frequently Asked Questions


Yes we do. We also handle energy efficient court lighting, basketball and volleyball equipment, a full line of rubber mats and removable interlocking tiles excellent for aerobics use, locker rooms, as well as polypropylene carpet tiles that are virtually indestructible, water proof, and can be used almost anywhere.

Yes they can. Products such as our polypropylene carpet tile can also be used outdoors.

Yes you can. With Allied Products direct access to the manufactures, we are able to have the flooring manufactured to your specific color choice. Not only can you select custom colors, but you can also order custom sized color speckles. Keep in mind though, that the lead-time for custom colors can be longer and there may be a minimum order size depending on the floor type.

Rubber, poly, and wood flooring can be installed over concrete, asphalt, intact ceramic tile, intact VCT, or wood underlayment. The subfloor surface must be level to an industry standard 1/8” in any 10’ radius. Concrete surfaces must have cured for at least 28 days and must not have been treated with any surface applied curing compounds. In some cases, cracks or seams must be filled and leveled with a suitable leveling compound.